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Jesus had wrinkles.

Specifically, smile lines and frown lines. Jesus had facial features, and by the time He was thirty-three he had to have had some lines around His eyes, some creases where He alteratively smiled and wept in the presence of people and in the interaction of lives. I don't know why that struck me particularly cool today - something between what I was reading and what we were discussing in this morning's , along with the travel conversation to and from the Charleston area.

One of the "entries" in the blog book is God commenting on facial features, how He pleasures in seeing the expressions our faces come up with in response to life's happenings. And in having a body and a face, the fact the Jesus had these facial features, too - that's just cool. Jesus laughed, Jesus cried - his face had wrinkles because He lived life like the rest of us.


Blogger janet said...

Do you think he had grey hair? Interesting idea... one you definitely wouldn't think of looking at paintings, eh? Think what it would mean for Botox, too...

Seriously, I love little thoughts like this that suddenly occur.

27/7/05 8:56 AM  
Blogger Rick said...

i did have the thought of grey heair go through, too. i had my first grey in high school, and by the time i was thirty it was substantial. i've got no problem with a wisdom-greyed Messiah :)

27/7/05 9:36 AM  

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