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Are We There Yet?

I don't mind driving, as long as I can rest when we get where we're going. That was the plan, starting out this morning from Augusta, GA, and Fort Discovery, driving the afternoon towards Atlanta before taking the beltway north to Stone Mountain, and getting in to kick back while Vicki & the kids hit the waterpark. Dinner and a Laser Show, anyone? Keep checking back here and at the Flickr site for photos and updates and overall frivolity.

Now, a nap or some book-reading, stretching the toes out before dinner.


Blogger Donna said...

Hey Rick, glad you're having a good time so far. Just wanted to tell you that when I was at Books-a-Million tonight I was browsing the clearance table and found Flabbergasted for $7.19. I thought that was pretty neat considering you just recommended it to me for a light read. I'm sure I'll enjoy it, and maybe Lizzy will, too. Blessings!

16/7/05 11:26 PM  

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