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Deep Question #4

I think we're on number four, but it's been a vacation-time since I posted at any length on this (scroll through the July archive for previous questions). Here's my last question, the one that really got things juiced over the past few years on what it means to follow Jesus, to love God and love others, to witness and evangelize and love your enemies.
Is this the gospel we want to spread to the unsaved world? "God loves you and has a plan for your life, but sin has hindered that plan. Accept Jesus as Lord and Savior, and God will work His plans through you because He loves you so much. Or, ignore Him, and suffer indescribable eternal death in hellfire. Have a nice day."


Anonymous Kelly said...

Well, while thoses are some powerful words (perhaps in the wrong way?), they're almost like a cereberal-ish, "turn or burn' sandwich board.

I'm a big fan of grace. And redemption. And love.

22/7/05 2:29 PM  
Blogger Rick said...

thanks for posting, kelly - yeah, it just seems that when we're told to "witness", and given a method or plan to do it, that's the "gospel": follow God or go to hell. while that might be real enough, that's not the only aspect of the gospel, not the strongest part... whew.

23/7/05 7:57 AM  

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