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Blitz Reading

It's been a long week, and a long string of weeks leading up to this week. I find myself with a stack of books to read and review and no time to do either. So, I'm taking a break - sort of. I won't be blogging as much this next week, and will be funneling some of the downtime to reading and writing a few reviews. Then, next week after this sorta-kinda-hiatus, I'll start REVIEW WEEK - posting a review per day of the books that will hopefully be worth dropping everything else for. I get giddy just thinking about it.

Here's the thing: we've had some good comments here the past few weeks, too, and I don't want the conversation to necessarily end. Want to "guest blog"? Email me something that's been sparked in you from something you've seen posted or commented on here, and I'll try to post it. Anything goes (within the boundaries of decency as determined by Bill Bennett, of course - sorry, too easy), just keep it clean and don't get personal or hurt anyone. I think there's enough thinking thinkers who stop by from time to time to keep things running. And if I feel the need, the need for speed/blogging, I'll pop back in. That's my perogative, too.

For now, heading home for a quiet evening of dinner, maybe a movie, maybe a book, maybe snoring in my chair in the living room. Thanks for playing - hope you have a great weekend.


Blogger jen said...

darn... and i was going to ask you to guestblog for MEEEEE!!!

30/9/05 9:44 PM  
Blogger Rick said...


1/10/05 2:17 PM  

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