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Double Digits

Our son is TEN today. I asked him this morning if he's ever done anything for ten years before. "Um, no, I don't know." - "Well, you've been breathing for ten years!" - "Day-aaaddd!"
We need to get in and re-decorate his room this fall and winter. These are snaps of the 3-D letters on his wall...
... and of the mural we painted to match his first bedding set. Yep, ten year olds need something a little more sophisticated than barnyard scenes. But I'm going to do the overhaul, so no Spongebob, either!

UPDATE 11:21am - He'll get a big kick out of this. That's really cool.


Blogger Kim said...

Happy Birthday! A whole decade!!

Mine are 15 (gasp) and 11. Where does the time go?

13/9/05 11:40 AM  
Blogger Renee said...

Happy Birthday Trace! WOW! TEN!!!

13/9/05 12:27 PM  
Anonymous Kelly said...

I so remember turning ten. The excitement of feeling like a big kid, getting to use all your fingers when someone asks you how old you are, and knowing that you won't be able to use fingers the year after...it was all very exciting in my 10-year-old head.

13/9/05 1:49 PM  

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