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World On Fire

I'm a Sarah McLachlan fan, enjoy her sound - mellow most of the time, wonderfully deep. Not to get into the politics and economics of the thing - but this is a pretty straight-forward video.

[thanks for the link, jvpastor]


Blogger Kelly said...

I love this video too, I can't remember when i saw it...but I remember being impressed by her thoughtfulness.

She's my favorite singer.I've seen her in concert three times, and each time it's been amazing. I even have video of Bella (there's a link under movies on the blog, I think) singing one of her songs when she was three years old.

15/9/05 11:17 PM  
Blogger Rick said...

too cute - yeah, i like sarah m., not a hugs fan but have this particular CD and a couple of downloads. and she's good in concert & on tv - very real, not as much show. that's talent :)

16/9/05 8:42 AM  

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