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Evening Commute

   John reached up to turn off the flourescent lights around his cubicle, dousing the white light that had been bothering his eyes all day, especially the one with the slight flicker on the left. His PC was shutting down, his notebook was closed for the day, and he was just looking forward to getting out of the building. Good day, but a long day, and it was going to be nice to leave on an up-note for a change.
   He switched off the monitor, grabbed his bag and this morning's travel mug, pushed his chair under the desk, and headed down the aisle towards the security desk in front of the elevators. "Good night" was all he said as he walked by mostly empty cubes and two or three co-workers still trying to shut down for the day. He waved at the security guard and got a pleasant, "Have a nice evening", for that - you can tell he doesn't mind doing what he does, John thought to himself, even as the guard was thinking much the same thing.
   He walked out into the twilight, sunset about fifteen minutes in the past and the moon just beginning to rise above the trees to the left. His car was further than normal from the building - he'd been early this morning for a conference call so the primo spots had been ripe for taking, but he'd decided to park in the shade and walk a little further, let others have those spots if they wanted. He appreciated the walk right now, allowing him to enjoy the early winter breeze and the rustle of the leaves across the parking lot. He might've been humming as he walked, or at least looked like he should be.
   As he got to his car and unlocked the doors, opened the backseat for his bag and then the front driver's side door for himself, he took in the smell and the sounds and the feeling of the wind on his face one more time. And he smiled. Settling into the car, he smiled at no one in particular. And as the car came alive for the drive home, he closed his eyes and thanked God: I've known You have loved me, but thank You for making sure I really felt it today. He turned off the news talk radio station - fun enough this morning but out of place in comparison to the steadiness and firmness in his heart right now - and he drove home.


Blogger Zube Girl said...

Splendid. :-) You have a way with words.

29/7/05 1:02 AM  
Blogger Rick said...

thanks, zube. really appreciate that. i was hoping that writing about winter breezes might cool things off down here. no luck. but i tried.

29/7/05 6:52 AM  
Anonymous Jenna said...

Hey Rick ~ That was a really great short story. Maybe I will post one...
Thanks for commenting on my Batman post - very encouraging. I actually started reading your blog about a month ago; I think I found it by doing some kind of web search on Christian blogs and the name of yours intrigued me (I am a coffee lover too). My boyfriend, Jason Surratt, and I were actually looking at my blog together when we read your comment and he realized that he had met you earlier that day at the Think Tank. I really like the fact that blogging is uniting so many Christians. Keep it up.

29/7/05 11:45 AM  

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