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Ohmigosh It's HOT

Here in the sunny & humid South, it's just plain ol' HOT. Almost 90 in Stone Mountain Park today, and the a/c is barely able to keep up. At least the pool has been refreshingly cool, and the kids are enjoying the waterpark as an escape from all this dreadful sweat-inducing heat.

I've posted my two favorite snapshots so far from the trip - all of the pictures are up, cellphone photos at the Flickr site, and digital snaps are loaded up at the Fotopages site (a little schizophrenic, don'tcha think?). The kids and I went to the top of the mountain Monday afternoon and went immediately to the fence protecting the don't-go-here-or-you'll-slip-off-and-die zone (Vicki hates going down that low, but the kids loved it - imagine that!).

We also enjoyed the laser show Monday night (Sunday's show was mostly rain and lightning), and today we've made a trip to the Antique Car Museum. I also want to take Trace into the museum building where the sculpture is explained, along with some of the history of Stone Mountain - I think he'll enjoy it.

Packing up and leaving for home tomorrow, so we're trying to squeeze alot into today and tomorrow morning. Just really thankful for in-room a/c right now, but mostly thankful for good well-mannered non-embarrassing children - very important when it's so dang HOT.


Blogger The Cubicle Reverend said...

Man, what an incredible view! wish I were there.

19/7/05 2:19 PM  
Blogger Zube Girl said...

Beautiful! It sounds like you're having a blast. :-) I'm totally with Vicki on the hating of that zone!

19/7/05 8:56 PM  
Blogger Rick said...

kids loved it, too - especially getting so close to the edge :)

20/7/05 8:18 AM  

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