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In The Thick Of It

is right smack dab in the thick of what's going on. Looks like they're mobilizing, even as their own lives have been disrupted by what's happened to the region. So much of the network coverage has been on the devastation and the personal drama. I'm hoping the care and real concern of Christians will bring real healing to the people there.

[thanks for the info, Geoff]


Blogger PapaCool said...

History is in the making as this will prove to be an economic, humanitarian and environmental disaster that politicians, businesses and students will study for years. MommyCool asks a great question and want to know who made the major network programming calls for Tuesday night and why? As New Orleans slowly flooded the day after hurricane Katrina departed, ABC-NBC-CBS-FOX chose to air their regular 3-hour meaningless evening programming. What about Americans without cable, Internet or satellite reception? You’d find that most Americans either: (A) Know someone displaced by the storm and flooding; (B) Have been to New Orleans which is a city that will never be the same; or, (C) will feel the household spending strains of $3.50-$4.00 per gallon gas in the coming months. The networks, which are licensed to broadcast programming in the nation’s best interest over the public airwaves, had their news divisions noticeable absent during primetime, Tuesday, August 30th. Instead, the American public was treated to Big Brother, Most Outrageous TV Moments, a double-dose of According To Jim - Rodney (?!) and House! Peter Jennings just rolled over in his grave. Will the broadcast networks wake up after the President addresses the nation today?

31/8/05 4:45 PM  
Blogger Kim said...


31/8/05 7:38 PM  

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