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We got home this evening around 6:30pm. Long drive, but the kids were super and we all enjoyed our summer break at Stone Mountain. Thinking back, we figured that we've vacationed in Atlanta in some shape or form about four times over the last seven years. Time to select a new destination for next summer, but we'll highly recommend the Park, or Six Flags, or the Braves.

Tomorrow, it's early pre-humidity-pre-heat-index yard work, and taking care of laundry from the post-trip fallout. Other than that, one more day off before going back to work on Thursday. I'm hoping to finish 1776 (it's not looking too good for the American Army right now, but I'm holding out hope), and overall just relaxing and detoxing from the drive. It's been a good week, with lots of neat memories.

Deeper blogposts later in the week. I'm on vacation.


Anonymous Donna said...

Welcome back.

20/7/05 9:56 AM  
Blogger Renee said...

Glad your back and that you all had fun! You know PA dutch country is a good place to visit!!:-)

20/7/05 10:02 AM  

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